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  • Dr Paul Bedford / Retention Guru

    I was apprehensive about PR as I didn’t think I had enough going on. But I had an initial meeting with Abi to discuss my options and we agreed a basic plan and digital strategy. With Big Fish’s connections my profile grew quickly. Within six months requests for me to present at conferences, write articles and comment as an industry expert had increased to the point where I had to turn things down. Then I started to receive calls for work. Operators were quoting articles and asking for specific help based on them - none of which would have happened without Big Fish. My weekly conversations with Abi keep me focused on where my business is going. We don’t just talk about communications and PR, we discuss business ideas, positioning and product development. I have recommended Big Fish on many occasions. The budget I set aside for communications is repaid multiple times each year. It is one of the best business decisions I have made.

  • Ian Cotgrave / Managing Director, Createability

    We have worked with Abi and the Big Fish team for a number of years now and always found them to be friendly, approachable and professional in their approach to our marketing and communications. They have a wealth of experience in our sector and always manage to get us exposure when others couldn’t. I particularly like the way Big Fish can turn my ramblings into a cohesive, well written piece. The team write so well that we also asked them to provide the wording for our new website and the results have been excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to outsource their communications, but selfishly hope there isn’t too much take up as we really enjoy the close relationship we have built with them.

  • Mike Jones / Commercial Director, Lifetime Training

    Lifetime first partnered with Big Fish in 2014 when we engaged them to develop and deliver our communications strategy for our Commercial Training arm. Abigail, Amanda and the team played an instrumental role in building our profile and media presence in the fitness and active leisure sectors, as well as more recently extending our reach to the beauty market. They consistently stretched the boundaries of our communication plans, delivering a unique and creative approach to copywriting to land features and exposure for us. I would highly recommend Big Fish if you are seeking a proactive communications agency and above all a fantastic bunch to work with!

  • Andrew Hammond / Editor-in Chief, bodyLIFE UK magazine

    The Team at Big Fish Communications are true media professionals. We worked with them for two years and found them to be innovative in their thinking, as demonstrated through numerous creative ideas for features which were then followed through with excellent copy and supported with quality images and well presented work delivered on time, every time.

  • Awesome Collaboration!

    Designing is a matter of concentration. You go deep into what you want to do. It’s about research. The concentration is warm and intimate and like the fire inside the earth – intense but not distorted.

    Jack Jones

    Creative Director at H&M

    Awesome Collaboration!

    A lot of consumers actively enjoy advertising, especially fashion print ads and clever TV commercials. The nostalgic cable channel TVLand features not only vintage shows but also vintage commercials.

    Mark Wallgreen

    Head of Advertising at HP

    Awesome Collaboration!

    We sell tea in Starbucks, but I think the experience is very different. I think coffee is something that is very quick – it’s transactional. I think tea is slow and more Zen-like. It requires a different environment.

    Martha Rogers

    Head of Creative at Starbucks